When things fail

When things fail

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When my startup, peaccce.com had to scream to a halt, I felt compelled to say something. There were so many people who'd supported me- they needed to know what had happened and how I acted. I am proud of what we did and this candle, whilst not burning, still has wax!

Dear Network - it’s over. 

Today, I'm sharing some personal news. After an incredible journey at Peaccce.com I took the difficult decision late September to plan a cessation in operations and disband the team. 

This is somewhat of delayed public acknowledgement - owing to the fact my wife and I welcomed our 4th child, Lana, into the world early at 34 wks, early in October. 

With a heavy heart I had to acknowledge that the insurance market did not see the vision i’d pitched - and without their lean-in, the model didn’t offer disruption. And all too late, our pivots could not find solid ground. 

I won’t list all our outputs and wins - I’m not here to pat my own back. This is a retreat, not a victory parade. 

As you’ll know, the ambition to create a kind of permanent distribution hub, with the customer in the middle, protected and in control, was always a grand ambition. We knew funding would be critical. And sadly I was unable to secure the leaps over higher financial hurdles we needed to finish what I started. 

We found ourselves navigating a path that was no longer aligned with our resources and capabilities. Now is not the time for post-mortem or tombstone - because nothing has died.

While this is an ending, it is also a controlled abort. We’ve left no staff unpaid, no creditors out of pocket - I personally ensured there was capital enough for that. A burden I could ill-afford. 

Peaccce will, for now, remain maintained and online. Plus we, like so many others, have also been affected by changes to the R&D regime - but I cannot share anything further on that, publicly. I must also emphasise that archiving this mission always leaves the possibility of blowing the dust off it one day. For now, though, a line must be drawn. 

To our investors, thank you for believing in my vision and taking a chance on us. Your support has been instrumental in how far we came. 

To all those who were part of the team and journey - thank you. Your time was appreciated and valued. 

To those who’ve supported me behind the scenes, and always been so open to my vision - thank you. 

I’m sorry I couldn’t finish what I started. It sucks. 

Full time, I'll now be seeking a new role or mission. I have a wonderful family of four to put above my ego! 

So I think this makes me, for the first time in a decade…”Open to work”.

I’ll also be proud to continue supporting Ed at IRL as its Chairman - where we build the best platform to launch an insurtech in the UK! 

As I reflect on these many chapters, I confess melancholy, imposter syndrome and sparks of bitter grief batter my self-confidence. 

Yet, I’m not going to be defined by the moments I am found down and on the deck. I’m the guy who’ll take every punch life can throw at him. I am blessed in my family, lucky in my friends and driven by a fire in my heart nothing can quench. Not even the strong pinch of curtains closing behind me. 

With humility and optimism, I’d do it all again in a beat - because Insurance Rocks. 

James York

James York

"James, do you ever fell like you need to come back down to Earth" - They asked. "No, I just want to find people to fly with me".